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About Shiel

Welcome to Shiel Medical Laboratory…committed to excellence in the field of medical diagnostics.  Founded in 1919, Shiel Medical Laboratory is one of the oldest continuously operating clinical laboratories in the United States, and the largest privately held laboratory in New York.  As a result of our commitment,  Shiel has dramatically grown its’ client base to possess a significant regional presence in the states of New York and New Jersey, and has now expanded into the Connecticut and Pennsylvania markets.  Shiel currently services Private Physicians, Group Practices, Union and Industrial Accounts, Long-Term Care Facilities (of which we are the largest local provider), Home Care Agencies and Clinical Trials.

Shiel Medical Laboratory is proud of our ultra-modern, state of the art main facility, located in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard.  Built to meet our exacting specifications, our 50,000 square foot laboratory, employing more than 630 skilled personnel, allows us to continue servicing our clientele with the highest level of efficiency and accuracy, offer up to date testing modalities and to maintain our position as one of the fastest growing regional laboratories in the U.S.

Shiel Medical Laboratory is a full service clinical laboratory facility with an expansive menu of testing services; clinical (including our exclusive Oxidized LDL Triple Marker Test), anatomic pathology and molecular testing. Utilizing the most advanced technologies, Shiel Medical Laboratory places the need of each individual patient first.  Our commitment to accuracy, quality and efficiency  makes Shiel a respected choice for quality clinical diagnostics.