For Patients

Shiel Medical Laboratory provides state of the art diagnostic testing with outstanding service and value to our healthcare providers and their patients.  In business since 1919, we are committed to providing your physician with accurate and expedient results to promote your optimal wellness, and to performing our service in a compassionate manner and with patient centric focus.

Convenient Locations:

Shiel Medical Laboratory makes it easy to receive high quality laboratory services by offering convenient Patient Service Centers (PSCs) in or near your neighborhood.  From minimal patient wait times, immaculate facilities and compassionate, experienced phlebotomists, we strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

When visiting your local Shiel PSC, please bring your physician’s prescription/laboratory requisition and your insurance ID card, as we are unable to perform any tests without written authorization from your physician.  To find a Patient Service Center near you, please see our Locations List for Address, directions, Phone/Fax numbers and hours.  Unless your physician has ordered a Glucose Tolerance or Glucose Challenge test over a timed period, no appointment is necessary.

Insurance Participation

Shiel Medical Laboratory is a participating provider with most major insurance carriers.  See our Insurance Participation list to view our insurance carrier partners.  If you don’t see your insurance provider, please feel free to contact us to verify coverage.


Shiel Medical Laboratory will bill participating insurance carriers directly, based upon the insurance information provided to us by your physician’s office, or with the information you provide when visiting one of our Patient Service Centers.   Please review your insurance contract to determine if you have a Laboratory co-pay or co-insurance for laboratory services.  Your insurance carrier will forward to you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  Your EOB will reflect payment your carrier has made to the laboratory on your behalf and will detail any additional charges you may be responsible for paying directly to the lab.  Please wait for a bill from Shiel Medical Laboratory before forwarding any reimbursement to the laboratory.  You may forward your payment (check, money order or credit card info) to the laboratory in the envelope provided with your bill, or pay on line.

Sometimes your physician may not have properly updated your coverage and we may receive incorrect info for billing purposes.  Should you receive a bill, please verify we have submitted your bill to the appropriate insurance company.  If not, please contact our Billing Department with updated insurance information and they will be happy to assist you.  Should you experience any other billing issues, please contact your physician’s office and they will assist/direct you.  We are prevented, by law, from writing off any co-pays due for laboratory services. This is a contract between you and your insurance carrier and we are bound by the rules of that contact.  Co-pays are due and payable upon receipt.


Shiel Medical Laboratory is committed to protecting your health and personal information as well as all of your test result data.