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Billing FAQ

What you need to know regarding your laboratory and our billing practices.

I received an EOB from my insurance company. Does it require further action at this time?

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a notification form that is sent to an individual after their insurer processes an insurance claim for them. The EOB is a summary of the insurance company’s financial activity associated with the claim – how much of the bill was paid by the insurer, how much is owed by you, etc. The EOB is not a bill; it is an estimate of your financial responsibility for the individual claim. You are only responsible for paying Shiel Medical Laboratory if you receive a bill directly from Shiel Medical Laboratory.

What does “Reasonable and Customary” mean?

The reasonable and customary fee for a service is determined by your insurance company and represents the prevailing fee for services in a given geographical area. This is the amount that the insurance carrier believes is appropriate payment in full for the service rendered.

I have a secondary or supplemental insurance policy. How does that affect me?

Shiel Medical Laboratory is willing to file all secondary or supplemental insurance claims. If you receive a bill from Shiel Medical Laboratory and believe that a claim has not been filed with your secondary insurance, please contact the Shiel Medical Laboratory billing department and provide us with the appropriate information. Once we have the additional information, we will file a claim with your secondary insurance. Once again, please ensure that your physician has all of your primary and secondary insurance information prior to your procedure.

I received a bill, but I currently have no medical insurance. What should I do?

As the recipient of testing services, you are responsible for the bill that has been sent to you. Shiel Medical Laboratory will work with you to establish reasonable payment arrangements. Please contact our billing department to arrange for payment of your bill.

I received a bill from Shiel Medical Laboratory; however I believe I satisfied my annual deductible. What should I do?

Please contact your insurance company to ensure the claim has been processed correctly according to your benefits. If it has not, please work with your insurance company to correct the payment of the claim.

My insurance carrier paid me directly for the services Shiel Medical Laboratory performed. What should I do?

Please forward the check along with a copy of the EOB your insurance company sent to:

Attn: Billing Department
Shiel Medical Laboratory
63 Flushing Avenue, Unit 336
Brooklyn, NY 11205.

This will allow us to properly credit your account so that you only receive a bill for the remaining patient responsibility.

Can I pay my Shiel Medical Laboratory bill with a credit card?

Yes, it is possible to pay your laboratory bill with a credit card. You can pay online or by contacting a Shiel Medical Laboratory Billing Representative at 718-552-1000 Ext. 3 and provide them with the correct credit card information. Shiel Medical Laboratory accepts both MasterCard and Visa.

Why did it take so long for me to receive a bill?

In most cases, it takes at least 60 days for an insurance company to respond to Shiel Medical Laboratory initial claim. In some cases, not all information is provided to the insurance company and additional information is requested and needed to process the claim. In these cases, the billing cycle will be even longer than 60 days and could easily be twice as long. In every case, Shiel Medical Laboratory will do everything in our power to resolve our claim with your insurance company without contacting you. Our goal is to make this process as seamless and convenient to you as possible. Due to this fact, you may not receive an initial bill from Shiel Medical Laboratory until we have exhausted all options – this may be four or five months after the date of your procedure.

Who should I contact if I have additional billing questions?

If you have additional questions or concerns about your bill, please do not hesitate to contact Shiel Medical Laboratory Billing Department at 718-552-1000 Ext. 3. Our billing team is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time). Please have your Shiel Medical Laboratory bill and your insurance information available when you contact us.

I received a bill from Shiel Medical Laboratory and have questions regarding the tests and their results. What should I do?

Shiel Medical Laboratory is prohibited by law from providing any test or result information to patients. Please contact your physician to receive an explanation of the tests ordered and results received.

What should I do with the bill I received from Shiel Medical Laboratory?

In most cases, if you received a bill from Shiel Medical Laboratory, you owe co-pay, deductible or other additional payment required by your insurance company. If you have any questions or concerns about the bill, contacting your insurance provider or referring to your insurance policy is recommended. You may have also received a bill from Shiel Medical Laboratory because we were either given incorrect insurance information or no insurance information. In this case, you may have received a bill for the full amount of Shiel Medical Laboratory services. Please ensure that you always give your physician all the information from your insurance card prior to any procedure or visit. If Shiel Medical Laboratory billed your insurance provider initially but did not receive a timely response from the insurance company, Shiel Medical Laboratory will bill you directly. Please contact the Shiel Medical Laboratory billing department in this event and ensure that we have the correct insurance billing information. If we did not initially have the correct information, we will re-submit the claim with the revised information.