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For Physicians

At Shiel Medical Laboratory, we offer more than just accurate test results and quick turnaround time.  We provide our physicians, and their patients, the highest level of personalized service with career laboratory representation, efficiency and redundancy in medical diagnostics, multiple testing platforms and choices, and unsurpassed quality assurance programs.   Our commitment and singular focus on patient diagnostics has propelled us to become one of the fastest growing regional laboratories in the U.S.

Our Senior Medical Officer, Patricia Romano, MD, leads a quality, patient centric team of pathologists, clinical scientists and technical specialists who are easily accessible and ready to assist with test selection, result interpretation and clinical decision support.  Through collaboration with our partner physicians, we are able to deliver the medical diagnostic services necessary for optimal patient health outcomes.

Connectivity Solutions

Shiel Medical Laboratory offers LabCare Plus, their proprietary laboratory system, providing ease of test ordering and viewing of results, cumulative report options, ordering supplies online, specimen requirements, client specific customized test menus and an ICD9 dictionary.   Our system seamlessly integrates with hundreds of EMR/EHR systems to assist you with meeting Meaningful Use Guidelines for your practice.  Please contact your Shiel Medical Laboratory representative to discuss options which may best meet the needs of your practice.


Shiel Medical Laboratory employs over 120 experienced and compassionate field phlebotomists to assist with the testing needs of your homebound patients.  Our Home Care Department, under the supervision of three managers, performs over 8000 phlebotomy draws per month and will be happy to schedule your eligible* homebound patients for home draws.  Please contact your Shiel Medical Laboratory representative for more details about this service.

Test Innovations

From women’s health to advanced cardiac assessment, Shiel Medical Laboratory offers the most up to date clinically relevant test modalities to provide you and your patients with the most advanced testing in medical diagnostics.  Our ever expanding menu highlights choice of multiple platforms and up to date technology in clinical and anatomical pathology and molecular diagnostics.

Convenient Patient Service Centers

Our extensive and ever expanding network of Patient Service Centers offers your patients the convenience of having their lab work performed locally in clean, professional facilities with little wait time.  Our experienced phlebotomists approach each patient with compassion to ensure a pleasant patient experience and work with your office, when necessary, to ensure orders are processed properly and completely.

Stat Testing

Shiel Medical Laboratory offers Stat testing with 5 hour turnaround time when a result is critically necessary to determine a patient’s course of treatment.  Please see our list of Stat tests, policies and procedures as outlined in our “Dear Doctor” letter distributed June 2012, under STAT tab.

*Some Insurance Exclusions Do Apply. Please check with your Shiel Medical Laboratory Representative.