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LabCare Plus

Remarkable Results…with Shiel’s LabCare Plus

Discover why the world’s most powerful laboratory system is also the easiest to use.

  • Gain total control and access to all of your patient data with the click of a mouse.
  • LabCare Plus can be used internet connected or offline with your existing computer hardware, or we can provide a PC for you.
  • LabCare Plus has the flexibility of being both a local computer based system, where patient data resides in your local memory; or the LabCare Online version where data is securely stored and protected on our servers. Additionally, a combination of the two systems can be used with seamless integration with as many stations or physical locations needed.

LabCare Plus gives you the confidence of fast, single-system integration—from physician to phlebotomist to lab personnel to result delivery. It’s the only system you’ll ever need.

  • LabCare Plus works with any Operating System (OS) platform: Windows, MAC OSX, Unix.
  • LabCare Plus gives you the tools to educate your patients with an easy access, non-technical, printable database of laboratory tests.
  • Order all laboratory supplies electronically with ease. No more calls to the lab or written forms to complete.

Reinvent Lab Data Management

  • Move beyond the non-productivity of repetitively writing lab forms, updating patient charts, and moving results where they need to be.
  • Compatible with any Practice Management, Billing, or Electronic Health Record (EHR) System.
  • Effortlessly connect with existing Practice Management or Billing demographic database to eliminate duplicate patient data entry.
  • Works in conjunction with your existing or future EHR system with advanced test result management capabilities.
  • LabCare Plus is your EHR systems partner, assuring that your laboratory interface meets both the needs of your practice and CMS Meaningful Use Guidelines for EHR Technology.

Redefine Test Ordering

Requisitioning lab tests has never been faster or easier.

  • Order tests, generate test order forms, and print bar-coded specimen labels with only a few mouse clicks.
  • End the guessing and confusion of specimen routing to the correct lab by automatically recognizing and printing the appropriate laboratory requisition form for that patient’s insurance plan.
  • Work faster by maintaining a database of all your practice’s referring physicians for delivery of additional report copies.