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STAT Testing

To Our Valued Clients:

In an ongoing effort to ensure quality patient care and customer service, Shiel is providing the following information regarding STAT specimens.

Our goal is to deliver STAT results within 5 hours of your initial phone request for a specimen pickup. Please only call in true STAT specimens (needed same day). Tests listed on the STAT menu are routinely performed overnight as well. A STAT call is not necessary if receipt of results by 9am the following morning is satisfactory. Please note that only those tests listed below can be ordered as STAT.

Designated tests that can be ordered STAT:

Amylase, Serum, SST Fast Strep Ag (Group A), Bacterial swab
Ammonia, Plasma on ice, green top Total hCG, Serum, SST
Basic Metabolic Panel, Serum, SST Glucose, Serum or Plasma Gray top
Bilirubin (neonatal) total/direct, Serum, SST Lipase, Serum, SST
BNP (B-type Natriuretic Peptide), Plasma, lav Lithium, Serum, SST
Calcium, Serum, SST Phenobarbitol, Serum, red top
Carbamazepine (Tegretol), Serum, red top Potassium, Serum or Heparin Plasma, SST
CBC / Differential / Platelets, WB lav Progesterone (Fertility), Serum, SST
Creatinine, Serum, SST PT & INR, Plasma or Blue top tube
D-Dimer- HS, Plasma, light blue top PTT, Plasma or Blue top tube
Digoxin, Serum, red top Sodium, Serum, SST
Dilantin (Phenytoin), Serum, red top Theophylline, Serum, red top or SST
ESR (Sedimentation Rate), WB Lav Valproic Acid (Depakene), Serum, SST
Estradiol (Fertility), Serum, SST Vancomycin, Serum, SST

Collection: Please visit Shiel Medical Laboratory website: and select Test Menu for instructions regarding proper collection, container, and handling. You may also contact Customer Service at 718-552-1000 ext. 2, option 2.

Submission:  Please do not submit STAT specimens frozen (unless the specimen requires frozen submission for processing).   

Packaging: Please ensure the STAT sticker is visible from outside the plastic bag once the requisition is folded and placed with the specimen for transport.
If available, use a STAT specimen bag (please do not use STAT specimen bags for non-STAT specimens).  Only those analytes listed on the STAT menu will be prioritized for analysis. 

Transport:  Call Shiel Medical Laboratory logistics department at 718-552-1000 ext. 8 and schedule a STAT pick up.