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Recurrent GI Distress

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GI disorders account for nearly 1/3 of all primary care visits with symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping or nausea. When the initial workup does not reveal a cause, it is important to have second-line testing option to rule in or rule out other causes such as IgE mediated food reactions or Celiac Disease (CD). Identifying the cause as a specific food sensitivity or CD (which can take 9-11 years to diagnose), allows for early diagnosis and proper referral, dietary intervention, and improved quality of life.  Ruling out when first-line tests are indeterminate allows the clinician to explore other possible causes of recurrent GI distress.

The GI Distress Profile from Shiel Medical Laboratory is a simple tool to aid in the management of prolonged gastrointestinal distress symptoms.  The results help confirm the presence or absence of other, but less obvious, conditions which first-line tests fail to reveal.


  • Helps rule-in or rule-out two common causes of GI distress, food sensitization and CD.
  • Objective laboratory data to explore symptom causes
  • Reassurance through knowledge
  • Fast and reliable results for quicker decision making

GI Distress Panel – P300